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Funnel Cakes
Funnel Cakes are a fried pastry snack - consisting of batter that is poured through a "funnel" (or specialized funnel cake pitcher) directly into a rounded mold ring approximately 6" to 8" in diameter and then immersed into a funnel cake (shallow) fryer.

As the dough comes out in approximately a ¼" diameter "pour," the web of batter is crisscrossed within the circular diameter to form a lattice which sticks together. Depending upon the temperature and the diameter of the "pour" out of the funnel or pouring can, it may take approximately one minute per side to brown off and sufficiently cook the batter.

While both "pastry snacks" are cooked best in our FW-12 Fryers, the basic ingredients are quite different. Frying Saucers are a yeast dough type product - Funnel Cakes are a batter prepared with leaving agent - but basically without the yeast.

Funnel Cakes cook at about 375 to 400 degrees. Frying Saucers and Elephant Ears require about a 350 degree cooking temperature. If you roll them out, the Frying Saucers cook about 30 seconds to a side - Funnel Cakes take up a little less room, because you merely add 90 ounces of water (6 ounces less than 3 quarts) in a mixing container- add the flour gradually- whisk the mixture- let it "wet out" pour it from the large mixing container into the small one-half gallon size pitcher - fill up your "funnel pouring pitcher" with the half gallon size container. It's a lot easier this way. Frying Saucers require a lot more space for "proofing" (letting the dough rise) rolling and finishing.
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Funnel cake batter, which is similar in consistency to pancake batter, is poured into the oil in a circular pattern and then fried until golden brown. When the lacy cake, about 8 inches around, cools just slightly, it is adorned with a variety of toppings, the most popular being powdered sugar or fruit toppings such as apple or strawberry.
We cater fresh made funnel cakes
We have 3 - 95,000  jet burner  gas funnel cake fryers with non-electric thermostats. What that means is more funnel cakes for your group to enjoy. 
Gary cooking funnel cakes outside the DEVOS CENTER--8 degrees outside and people still waiting in line!!!