The player stands on a metal stage in front of the main screen/unit. There are four arrows on each player's side (the four cardinal directions) on which the player can step. On the screen, arrows matching the direction of the arrows on the stage will scroll on the screen. 
Game Show
Airbrush Tattoos
Our airbrush artists know that airbrushing is the fastest and safest way to create smiles and please costumers of all ages. Our airbrush artists can bring this form of art to birthday parties, company picnics, grand openings, and festivals. Our airbrush artists use Airbrush paint that will last about 3-5 days If you are scared of needles or would like a change of attitude, our airbrush artists can provide the perfect temporary tattoos for you.
Goldfish Racing
8-foot long clear acrylic racing lanes come equipped with water, a starting gate and live goldfish! 

Players blow bubbles through a straw in the water behind the fish to help their fish cross the finish line first. 

Many laughs are sure to be had by all! No special talent or ability needed (other than the players must be breathing!) - It is hilarious to watch and even more fun to participate.

Includes sound system and caller
Island Hair 
Bring a little "island flavor" to your next event. As seen at your favorite tropical resorts, our hair braiders are both talented and friendly. 

Guests pick from a variety of colors and then our stylists create an exciting unique look by wrapping colored threads and beads around a thin braid in their hair.
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Petting Farm
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Great for the young in all of us. Petting zoos and pony rings are fun!
The absolute Best interactive sport participation game on the market today!

Perfect for team play or individual tournament races at any event. 

Features from 4 to 6 giant SLOTLESS nascar-style remote control cars driven from your own steering stations. 

Just think how many will get to enjoy this action packed game. 

With 4 or more playing at one time, it's non-stop action and a very high throughput. 

You control the high-speed action with your own steering wheel and shifter handle.

Micro-Reality Stock Car Racing
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Dangerous Hunts
Our first Dangerous Hunts game was such a big success that we couldn't help but improve on it for this holiday season! In Dangerous Hunts 2, you're going up against animals that are just as likely to be hunting you; this time, however, things are a lot more vicious. You'll embark on 12 epic adventures that have you tracking and trying to take down the most dangerous and aggressive animals in the world - animals that have committed brutal offenses against your fellow man. In this story-based adventure, you play an expert hunter, a hunter brave enough to take on the world's most vicious predators on their own turf. For the first time ever, hunt from a helicopter or truck in regions never before seen in a hunting game - Russia, Argentina and India. Stalk through the long grass in the desert, chop through the jungle, and hike through the Alaskan mountains in an adventure that truly does span the globe. You'll use all-new gear to take on unique challenges, such as tranquilizing enraged elephants and using blow darts to slow down vicious Bengal tigers. Go one-on-one with new animals like the Australian scrub bull and Asiatic black bear, but keep an eye on your gear - ammunition is limited, so every shot will count. You might even find yourself one-on-one with the big cats of Africa, but don't worry, if you run low on ammo you can smack them with the butt of your rifle or grab a nearby branch to defend yourself. Join local guides and take on daring rescues, but look out - not everyone's going to make it back to the lodge. 
Large Screen with 300 watt sound system
Great for all night grad parties and college events!
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Goldfish are feeder gold fish, breed only for bigger fish to eat . We buy them they race them they are not harmed in any way. Then they are retired and put in a aquarium.
Utilizing a flexible tether (which permits the ball to spin) and a precisely calibrated pivot, Golf Launchpad's ball is designed to impart the same forces to the club as a free ball. This means that you feel and hear the thwack of your irons and the ping of your woods just as you would on the fairway. We call this TruFeel™ and it is the subject of several patent applications.

GOLF LAUNCHPAD's turf is the best I have seen in any simulator. It has the right give for hitting irons and putting feels great!
- Cameron Carty, CPGA Professional and instructor, Toronto, Canada
# Guitar Hero Features:  Over 30 of the greatest rock songs of all-time
# Difficulty levels (easy, medium, hard, and expert)
# Venues that range from basement parties to sold out stadiums
# Different characters that each offer their own look and unique style of playing, from metal head to classic rocker
# Two-player mode that offers tons of multiplayer fun! 
To the right the 2 -8' tracks 
Your group will have a blast trying the 100 Meter Dash
 head to head in an exciting foot race where the contestants actually have to run in place in order to make the on screen runners run. A large projection screen adds to the visual appeal and gets the whole crowd into every race. Many other events also.
Large Screen Olympics
Up to 4 people at a time large screen!!
Time to release your inner rock star! Dive into Rock Band's challenging and addicting game modes and rock out to your favorite tunes. Put together a band, play in it, and tour for fame and fortune- all while learning to master lead/bass guitar, drums and vocals. Major Record labels and leading Music publishers have signed on to provide unrivaled access to master recordings and legendary rock artists - from punk, metal and alternative to classic and southern rock - including many master recordings from legendary artists, including acts like Metallica, Bon Jovi, Stone Temple Pilots and the Ramones! Learn to play songs spanning all genres and prove yourself the ultimate rock star!

This Special Edition box includes game, guitar, microphone and drum set -- everything you need to get in the game and rock out. Band mates can fail out of a song for poor performance, but the band still plays on. Rescue your failing mate by busting out signature moves and blistering solos to wow the crowd with showmanship. Boost your bonus! Earn bonus points for your band during Rock Band's Unison Phrase opportunities if everyone plays perfectly.
Large Screen video games up tp 9'X12'
We bring a large screen
DDR Wii sports large screen video games for rent grad parties post proms college events Michigan Ohio Indiana Illinois
Boogie Heads is the newest form of entertainment to hit Michigan.  Entertainment that is perfect for a kid's birthday party, a corporate event, Bar/Bat Mitzvah entertainment, wedding receptions, graduation party and so much more.  You may be asking what is Boogie Heads?  Boogie Heads is a high tech video rig that superimposes your head onto professional dancer's bodies via the green screen effect and makes a music DVD on the spot.


Boogie Heads is simply hilarious. It's super fun, and we promise you a good laugh. If your craving something new for your party or event entertainment, something that will leave your guests with a memorable impression and sure to entertain for hours, then no doubt a Boogie Heads party is for you. Click here to view our Frequently asked questions page to learn all about Boogie Heads.


Boogie Heads is suitable for all audiences. Guests choose from 70 popular songs and over 100 different video combinations to those songs.  Each guests will take home their very own music video DVD of their performance. To view our demo click here.  If your planning your next event, and want to give your guests something to remember
Iceless Skating Rink
Synthetic Ice Skating Rink! 40' X 24' area to skate. No need for the cold. We provide the ice skates. Can be used inside or outside on concrete or asphalt. Featured on the Kelly and Michael television show. Additional charges apply for operating more than 4 hours.
Oxygen Bars – 8 person or 16 person
Our oxygen bars light up and have tremendous 'eye appeal.' The oxygen concentrators are the quietest and most powerful oxygen generating systems used in oxygen bars today. Our concentrators out-perform our competitors by putting out 33% more flow and up to 96% oxygen!
Two foam machines fill a 30 x 30 arena with bubbles galore. Fun for all ages. Non-toxic and won't sting eyes or stain clothes. Outside use only. Additional charges apply for operating more than 4 hours.

30' x 30' x 5'