Rides & Rock Walls

We have a climing wall for you, safe, portable climbing walls. We can bring one rock wall or several. We service company picnics, colleges,high schools for Michigan,Indiana, Ohio,Illinois.We've had portable climbing walls for over ten years.You've come to the right place for portable rock climbing walls.


" The Surfer "  Hey Dude,  catch the Big One if you can.
Automatic cut-off as soon as rider begins to fall, ride will stop instantly. 
Bumper cars are a riot. These all-terrain bumper cars can go on all sorts of sufaces. Adults as well as children can have fun on these bumper cars. We service Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois
Our mechanical bulls are safe and fully insured. Mechanical bulls are a blast at any party We take our rental mechanical bulls to Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois & Wisconsin,MI,OH,IL
Want a great ride for your next event?. The six tubs spin on rotating arms, the riders can also increase the spin of their own tub, controlling the thrill. The great Turbo Tubs can also accommodate adults, so mom and dad can ride with the kids.
With a capacity over 500 riders per hour Turbo Tubs are ideal for schools, corporate days and special events. Ages 4 -70 years. The light tower looks spectacular at night.  Comes complete with safety fencing.
This attraction allows the jumpers to do flips, twirls, and a 360...only if
you are extreme enough!   Four participants at a time.
Trackless trains are a fun addtion to any event. Adults also ride Trackless Train can also be used for a shuttle . The Trackless Train is a great addition to any event. Great for company picnics. We rental to  Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois & Wisconsin.

The Gyro Xtreme is crazy, exciting & fun.The Gyro Xtreme is for colleges, high schools & company picnics in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois & Wisconsin
Dixie Twister is an exciting circular ride that each compartment flares out as you build up speed. The faster you go the more the flare. The Dixie Twister can ride up to 30 children or 20 adults at a time. Dixie Twister comes with nice lighting package, really cool at night. It also comes with complete perimeter fencing. Large put thru.

Around we go when will it stop nobody knows! Great for all ages, no power needed.
Click picture for video
Turbo Tubs
Great for all events schools grad parties company picnics ect.
Welcome to Family Friendly Entertainment a family and corporate oriented entertainment and event rental service agency, specializing in NASCAR and DUI simulators, drunk driving simulators.  Family Friendly Entertainment inc.located in Grand Rapids Michigan (Western Michigan) has a touring network that covers Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio and nationwide.   Friendly attendants bring great fun services and activities from hypnotists and moonwalk rentals to 5 sided rockwalls with cliff like edges to where your special event is being held.   When using Family Friendly Entertainment's party planning service, all ages from toddlers to adults will experience an adrenaline rush as they experience carnival midways to extreme sports!

Toilet Racers, also known as Go Racers rental, or Loo Races, are a great addition to any
high school, college, team building, or corporate event.   We book and rent Toilet Racers for events in
Michigan, including Detroit, Flint, Monroe, Ann Arbor, Jackson, Bay City, Gaylord, and other areas of Michigan.  
 We also book Go Racers (Toilet Racers) for events in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa and surrounding
states.   Combine our Toilet Racers with other great games like our Mechanical Bull, Laser Tag or Inflatable
Game Rentals.
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Click on picture above for more INFO on bull rides!
Click here for more info on Rockwalls
The Pirates Revenge
Trailer Mounted, The Pirates Revenge sets up in about 15 minutes and holds upto
15 men, women and children. This ride requires a 30 foot length clearance and 16 foot height.

Concept In Mobile 
Entertainment. Get 
An Edge On Your 
Competition And Offer 
An Activity That Is 
Guaranteed To Exceed 
The Expectations
Of Your Most 
Discerning Customers!
Carnival rides rock walls bumper cars ferris wheel company picnic college events Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois
Plush animal rides will surely enhance your next party or event. 
These fun scooters allow your guest the opportunity to take rides on their favorite animal at your event! 
birthday parties, fairs, company picnics and all night grad parties! However, this ride isn’t just for kids, its fun for adults too.

Each motorized animal is rechargeable, even though it has a battery life of six to eight hours. 
Our electric riding animals are easy to operate as well, allowing you to choose 
the length of time per token, from one to nineteen minutes. You can also choose the music it plays from dozens of available songs. 
Each motorized plush animal scooter comes with an SD card slot allowing you to access your own music instead of using the 
pre-loaded tunes that come standard with each plush motorized toy. These ride-on animals are sure to enhance any party or 
business and create hours of memorable fun. 
Plush animal Rides
V4 Ultimate Bungee™
4-station mobile bungee jumps have been in very strong demand for over 20 years now. Our design team of operators and engineers have pulled together the best features of existing models, and they’ve developed some innovative, new features to create the new V4 Ultimate Bungee.
 Segway Track is always a hit